About Us

We are a manufacturer of corrugated sheets and home to one of the largest corrugators in the world.

We began operations in October 2019 with 38 full-time employees on two shifts. With the increased demand for corrugated sheets during our first year, we grew to 95 full-time employees, filling three entire shifts. Our business continues to grow as the demand continues to grow.

Our passion and discipline are visible in every product we produce, and we continuously seek new, innovative ways to improve our products and processes. Our team of dedicated workers allows us to exceed customer expectations every day.

World Records

Setting a world record holder is tough, but setting three of them is a Triumph!

Daily square footage total

5,264,222 square feet - May 28, 2020

Daily square footage total

5,456,274 square feet - June 16, 2020

Daily square footage total

5,854,729 square feet - August 17, 2021